Active Aqua Chiller 1 HP

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  • Ideal to keep hydroponic solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature.
  • Microcomputer control system and LCD display, very user friendly.
  • Large refrigeration capacity (80-700gal), water can be refrigerated to any degree above 39F (see Instruction Manual for performance curve)
  • Freon free, environmentally friendly (uses R410a. Prior to Nov. 2011, used R22)
  • Temperature memory system.
  • 21"L x 15"W x21"H
  • Use AAPW800 for lowest temperature range
  • Use AAPW1000 for higher temperature range

Tubing Size: 1" (HGTB100)


  • Model: AACH100
  • Shipping Weight: 69lbs
  • Brand: Active Aqua
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