Classic 64 Cutting System

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The new EZ-CLONE Classic already lives up to it's name!

It has been made from fully recyclable HDPE which is highly chemically resistant and extremely durable.

Every detail of it's design has been thought out; from the leak resistant cord outlet that allows multiple cords, to the specially designed recessed drain that allows it to be highly protected and gives the ability to easily tip the unit for draining.

These are just some of the 75+ improvements designed specifically to make cloning even easier.

  • Model: EZCL64
  • Shipping Weight: 16lbs
  • Brand: EZ Clone
Classic 16 Cutting System
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Classic 32 Cutting System
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Q: How can I prevent the water in my EZ Clone from getting so hot?
A: Our first suggestion is to use Clear Rez in your EZ Clone. With this product, you can safely have water temperatures of 80-83 degrees Fahrenheit. If your water temperature is higher than 83 F, we suggest lifting the unit off of the ground with a pair of 2x4's. This will create some air circulation around the unit, a small fan can even be used if temperatures stay above 83 F.
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