Dehumidifier 20L/day Analog

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High humidity can cause plants to grow poorly and can also promote mold. Our dehumidifier will extract up to 20 L (43 pints) of water per 24-hour period (in a very humid environment).


  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Water level detection and automatic shut-off
  • Adjustable air outlet
  • Optional continuous drainage
  • Removable front-loading water tank
  • Washable, activated carbon filter

Note: For maximum performance, set Fan Speed knob to highest setting and turn Humidity knob to lowest setting.




  • Model: ACDH20A
  • Shipping Weight: 32.7lbs
  • Brand: Active Air
Q: Why does my analog dehumidifier not seem to be working on the maximum setting?
A: The analog dehumidifier min-max dial directly corresponds to the amount of humidity in the room. Basically if set closer to the MIN setting, the humidity in the room will be lower (maximum performance), and if set closer to MAX setting, the humidity in the room will be higher (lowest performance). If your room is at 45-50% humidity, the reservoir at the bottom of the unit should have some water in it after about an hour. This is evidence your dehumidifier is working.

Q: What fans can I use a fan speed controller with?
A: Fan speed controllers work best with Permanent Split Capacitor type motors, generally used in Inline fans. Blowers generally use Shaded Pole type motors, which are not recommended to be used with speed controllers.
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