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We have smart phones, so why not smart gardens?

By Loralee Stevens Special to the Business Journal

Fluorescent Lights for Plant Growth

by Wayne Vandre, Horticulture Specialist

An Easy Gardening Alternative

An article about hydroponics by Laura L. Kramer

Let There Be Light

An article about bulbs, ballasts and other artificial lighting basics by Laura L. Kramer

A Garden for All Seasons

An article about hydroponics for the houseplant lover by Dorothy K. Morgan

Gardening in the Great Indoors

An article about indoor lighting by Gil Schoenstein

Sodium or Metal Halide?

An article about sodium and metal halide lighting by Peter Wardenburg

Growing Under Lights in Montreal

An article about growing under lights by Gordon Creaser

Jailhouse Green...Inmate Progressive Farming Co-Op

An article about the Inmate Progressive Farming Co-Op by Gordon Creaser

Hydroponics Hawaiian Style

An article about Kilauea Gardens by Gordon Creaser

Cultivate Herbs and Savor the Returns

An article on growing herbs hydroponically by Gordon Creaser

The Hydroponic Home(made) Unit

Instructions on how to make your own hydroponics home unit by Gordon Creaser

Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Methods

By Roger H. Thayer, Eco Enterprises

Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities

Donald N. Munns - Land Air and Water Resources, University of California, Davis

Soilless Culture in Japan

By Hideo Ikeda

Rockwool as a Substrate for Hydroponic Growing Systems

by Michael F. Dowgert Ph.D., Research Manager, Agro Dynamics

Growing Strawberries by Hydroponics

Summary of a talk given by Rocky Caltieri, of Wandin, Victoria to the Hydroponic Society of Victoria in June 1987

A Review of Factors Affecting Plant Growth

Marianne Ames, Graduate Fellow and Wayne S. Johnson, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno

Lighting Indoor House Plants

by Ray R. Rothenberger- Department of Horticulture, University of Missouri-Columbia

The House That Jack Built

How one grower uses efficient lighting to increase profits - by Michael Christian

A Niche of His Own

By Kelly Carroll

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