Indoor Gardening Links

Take a look at the links below for more information on the many aspects of indoor gardening.
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Hydroponics 101: Gardening with Grodan

Tips & info for successful hydroponic gardening, focusing on rockwool

The Urban Garden Magazine

Articles & information on all aspects of indoor gardening, plus a blend of contemporary lifestyle articles covering everything from music and cinema to travel, environment and culture.

Maximum Yield Magazine

The premier magazine of the indoor gardening industry, with plenty of informative articles and online extras.

Progressive Gardening Trade Association

A resource for both consumers and hydroponic retailers - be sure to check the 'consumer info' page for lots of good tips.

Cornell University Vegetable MD Online

A huge selection of information regarding various deficiencies, pests and diseases and how to manage these problems.

BBC Gardening

Very helpful website that offers a step by step at identifying plant diseases/pests.

The Technical Institute for Indoor Gardening

Hands-on training in indoor gardening.

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